Friday, April 27, 2012

So much to write and do!

No Misery in Middale tonight I'm afraid folks - I'm still waiting and hoping to hear back from BC local players to get some stories from them to perhaps show up some cameos. If I don't get any, I know of three characters who will probably make an appearance anyway but... we'll see how it goes.
So! What am I writing about if not Misery in Middale?! Well - I meant for Thursday's 750 words to be a life catch up one every week - but that didn't happen - so it's moved to Friday this week and we'll see how it goes.
So - what's been happening? ... Well - I was hella ill over the weekend (hella? Really? Why did I use that word?) - vomitting Friday and then feeling all kinds of gross with a stomach complaint. Didn't stop me LARPing Saturday though, nosirree - managed to stomp all over some Bequifisians for the end of Phil's first plot. Which was a lot of fun - especially as they were trying to birsmirch Lahsaa's good name... or something.
But - that arc is finished - and me and Phil are teaming up at trhe end of next month to run something which should be a little bit cool all told. I need to make a few more tabards (and I hope he's making some too) for a couple of new factions that are going to pop up in the Middale area. We're tryng to aim for fairly low fantasy and concentrate on building up an area and get people interested in it, its people and its problems - much like Bill and Dan did with their Konn/Crawstone region plot.
Icons is - for now at least - on a bit of a back burner... as I realise that a lot of the larp plots I write are TOO big, they try to do too much and even a plot where I tried to write it without needing anything passed... still ended up needing things passed. ¬_¬
But! You live and learn - and I'm determined to run (or at least co-run) a mission that is going to be all kinds of fun. My biggest weakness when it comes to running - I think - is thinking on the fly. I'm fine when it's stuff I can play days, weeks or months in advance but when a player does something really unexpected on a mission - I struggle to get my brain out of that second of panic where I think "Okay... instead of simply killing a bunch of orcs, they've opened Thirteen simultaneous portals to Sharda... what the fuck do I do now?!" and I'm hoping that's where having someone there who I know will be there every time to play off - will work well. One of my biggest worries about running missions in Fools and Heroes is having something happen and someone look up at me and say "What the actual fuck?! You can't do THAT!!!" I can't see me ever having anything that radical happen, but... ,you never know.
I think that's where Fools and Heroes is so awesome and makes things so difficult. Because of the sheer amount of input and influence everybody can have in the game world - it becomes a living breathing game world where... yea... things don't always make sense, and x might react differently in y place over z place - but to be honest, I'm not sure that matters too hard. Not with the little things. I mean there are some things I refuse to touch with any plot I run and that's Sharda - because, hell, it's fairly complex and it's one of the big mysteries of the system I'd rather encounter as a player. I always get nervous when people pray, and striking that balance of the "Word of the Gods" as being something vague and lesson giving and outright giving the players the plot.
I think it's just something I need to get used to - writing plot, running missions, seeing what does work and doesn't work on missions. Some people I know have that down brilliantly, some people... they can't always get it to work for them, but when they pull out a gem then damn does it shine.

I've complained of late that I don't have any ideas, that writers block is a cheap whore who never delivers and I seem to be in this kind of... creative vacuum... Just lately it's been absolutely the friggin' opposite and there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do! My current creative list currently stands as follows:

Misery in Middale - this little novella I've been working on that people have been reading and commenting on and - by and large - enjoying. (I hope - please constructive crits would be great. I know it's raw and unedited but still, don't be scared of my feelings - just don't pick on spelling and grammar. I know it sucks.) I was hoping to have it finished by Springfest, but I don't think that's going to happen now. I have a rough idea of stuff that's still to happen within the story and then I need to see how the characters react at the big climax.
Oh - and continued special thanks go to Nicola and Phil for consistantly commenting on each and every entry that I post. MiM would not have gotten as nearly as far as it has without you guys constantly praising me for it.

The Annals of Aylix Goth - even if Aylix falls off the starting block and breaks his face when I first start playing him, I owe it to him to get this finished. I've come to love this character (my first ever proper roleplaying character) and seeing how he has grown from his humble beginnings on Santharia to know is just... it means a hell of a lot. (And if I get him to where I WANT him as a character when he's played in Fools and Heroes - I shall consider that a bit of a triumph to be honest.) But the story is slowly coming along with the main story arc fairly down, some arcs being built up and so on. It's just working down into the details (mainly on the time in the Konn) - my wonderful roleplaying partner Jenni and I are nearly finished with the Guiadon arc (and... there may be tears when that's over) it would just be concentrating on what he's been doing since being back in Ithron - Misery in Middale has helped with that and I have an idea for the rest of it.

Haart of a Dragon - You may have seen the first chapter I posted up the other week and it's something I've been toying around with for a while - a proper fantasy epic written and published in the fantasy world. I'm not sure I'd hand write the entire thing in Rhonnish though - that would be a biiiiiiitch. But - a love story between a dragon and a Vleyborian while the Dragon is on the run from the Axirian Empire. That sounds fun, right?

The Mercian 108th - Eight and Aces - Phils and my plot - the group need quite a bit of work doing on them still, as do various other factions. I think the biggest headache with this is getting people to play each of the roles we need to 'cast.' This doesn't just include writing either - various kit is needing to be made for it as well - I've made one tabard, but three more and a few belt flashes also need to be made. And hopefully - even a banner. =] This should be fun.

BlackCountrySecretProjekt. - >=]

None Fools and Heroes related stuff includes:

Xeonphotrix - people who know me have heard me mention Xeon so many times and at some point it needs to happen. A trilogy set throughout three different points of a universes history, where magic is rife and two planes beside the physical one for things to happen on. A world will be remade as the apocolypse is brought about - but what rises from those ashes may not be a good thing... This is the epic and the BIG thing I have in my mind. It's just reluctant to go anywhere and I'm not sure why. I may put snippets onto the blog to see what people think.

As of yet unamed, unplanned, spark of a zombie idea - I know zombie books are a BIG thing right now, but they're such a timeless antagonist. Undying. unrelenting, with no concept of pain or fatigue all they have is an all consuming need to feed... It may end up being shit, it may end up being a literary masterpiece I just want/need to write a zombie book.

... So - no small feat then? But - I'm confident - more and more confident with my wiritng as each day goes by. This 750words project has been an absolute gem, and I'm currently up to a FORTY EIGHT day streak (thanks to being able to book days off with Patron status.) That's at roughly FORTY FOUR DAYS I've written at LEAST SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY words. That's at LEAST Thirty three thousand words on this streak, and seeing as Misery in Middale is pushing about 36k at the moment, it's going to be even more than that (hell - this entry is 1552 words as of that number right there.)

Otherwise in life, I finally have a passport - so I can head to the bank and get some LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue stuff sorted there, I apparently - in the last two weeks - have lost around five kilos - which doesn't sound like much in my head - but isn't bad. Even for a bit of varience in that, that's still a pretty good amount really. And I'm hoping that kind of dropping of weight carries on. Hell - 5lb and I'm back under 20stone - and that's a fucking awesome place to be in my mind. I just need to be better at going the gym as I've done (very) badly this last couple of weeks. I'll blame that on feeling extremely cruddy.
Springfest is next week, which I'm vastly looking forward to - seeing people I don't see often, a weekend of... well - maybe not much being Lahsaa as I'm fairly sure I'm up for quite a bit of monstering - (helping to run at least two missions I think, plus, diving about in armour should be fun.)

And... I think that's it. Yup. Pretty sure of it. I'm hoping to get a new headset next week - so my Phyrehawk reacts to - TWILIGHT! series may return on Youtube as well as video blogs and.. I dunno. Do I have that much to talk about?
I also want to get started with my Empire army again - I REALLY want to start playing Warhammer again after spending god knows how much money on it all over the years. Anyone fancy buying me the natty new paint set? =D

Until next time ladies and gents!

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