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Words of uplifting...

>.> Slight previous character self wankery? Maybe. Do I care? No.

The small church was overly crowded and packed with many trying to clamber inside to pray for their families, their businesses and their safety. Gregory especially was waylaid and had his attention called again and again by people wishing for some words from Crowa. Doing what he could where he could, they eventually found their way deeper inside to a similar scene. At the far end of the small church were three priests - one in blue, one in black and one in red. The three pushed their way forward and were finally able to hear what they were saying.
"Things are pretty bleak at the moment and none of us want to see the Kryganites occupy Mercia for very long..." said the one in blue. He was an elf, standing taller than the others, his long auburn hair largely hidden by a purple bandana. His lower face and across his lips was horribly scarred and looked as if they had been burnt by something at some point. Around his neck was a chain of dice.
"But there are other things that are a threat to our safety and homes. Worse than the heretics in the city, things that have no respect for the Gods or any kind of life. They know only hatred and death. Be wary of the varga-hai and the grey wraiths. We can offer no advice other than keep Crowa in your heart. Keep bravery close to your chest! And if they challenge you to a duel refuse them. It will not be fair, and if you lose they will take your soul. I tell you this not to scare you, but to prepare you, to let you know what we face." called out the elf in red, stood in the middle - a sword pendant around her neck.
"And you must have all started to see the grey mist that hangs over parts of the land! This is the grey wraiths, creatures made of dispair and bitterness and powered by their queens drive for vengeance. Keep Kharach in your hearts, keep hope and mercy in your mind no matter what!" the woman on the left added her voice to the preaching - a skull ring shining brightly on one finger, a tabard of an eagle on over her robes, a mask on her face and her hair bright blonde.
"I give my word that the adventurers will do everything we can to drive these forces back, but we can't do it alone. We need you all!" the Crowan priestess said.
"We need volunteers! Tralda teaches us to look out for those downtrodden, who are outcast and who can't look out for themselves. There are hundreds, if not thousands of men, women and children out in those fields and they need your help. We need you all to do what you can while everyone recovers. We know it will be hard, but you'll see us working just as hard. Winter is scant months away and we need to make sure that - if the worst should happen and they are still there - that we all have somewhere to live." the Traldan continued.
"We may all have suffering to come in the next few days, weeks and months. Just know that Kharach looks down and smiles on each of you. He abhors suffering and it is through us that we can ease each others. Let no one suffer needlessly and in these next few months there is no reason for anyone to suffer." the Kharachian finished.
"If any of you find you need further guidance, we shall set up small areas where priests can assemble until we have a bigger church, just remember that everyone is here and scared just the same. Just know that now, with the war in Elysium over, the Gods look down on us again. They help how they can, and they help through us. Remember - Tralda lays your path out for you, it's up to you to walk it... up to you to choose which forks in that road to take."
The prayers ended and as if that were a cue - people seemed to start to file out, calmer and more at ease, only to be replaced with others who were just as frantic.
The trio pushed their way forwards to where the priests had been preaching from. Up close they all looked exhausted, obviously having had no break from where they had been at the communion at the weekend.
The elf in blue looks up from quiet conversation with the other two as Gregory, Crow and Addy grew close, and smiled slightly lopsidededly. "Afternoon and praise be to the Seven."
The three responded in kind as Gregory took the lead. "I am High Father Gregory Chrace of Crowa, this is my brother, Father Crow Chrace of Kharach and Sister Addy Taylor of Tralda. We need to talk to you urgently if we may."
The Crowan elf smiled. "Hello High Father, I am High Mother Alina Dulana Carcer of Crowa."
"High Mother Indis Arcamenal Nenharma of Kharach."
"And I'm High Father Arafin Nenharma of Tralda. What can we do for you?"

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