Thursday, April 26, 2012

The work of the few...

Happier with todays. Tomorrow there may be cameos.


It was several hours before the meeting room doors emptied again and merchants and nobles started to file out, all looking very shaken and worried. They hurried off to tasks of importance to themselves as the companions stayed in the room with Baron Equinox, his aide and several others made of sterner stuff, including Tobias.
"You've certainly given us much to think of High Father, though I fear we may not be able to coordinate much of an attack with the milita in disarray and protecting the villagers..." Baron Equinox said slowly and thoughtfully, "But I dare say if you were to go to each of your respective guildhouses and churches we may be able to muster some kind of counter attack. I shall have my aide write several writs to say that on this matter, you speak with my authority.
"My thanks Baron. And once again, I apologise for our manner of entry."
Tobias laughed loudly. "I wouldn't worry about that, you've done good work - and to be honest, the meeting was becomming boring anyway."
There was a pause in the conversation in which the crowd looked at each other, having ran out of things to say, though both Eliana and Crow were staring at Gregory which he seemed to be pointedly ignoring.
"Well then gentlemen, ladies. I think we've been in this stuffy room far too long. We each know what we should be doing, lets get to it." Baron Equinox said with authority, standing as the group made their way out.
In the deserted antechamber, several minutes later Crow stopped Gregory as he made for the door and pulled him back. "Guardian, we need to talk."
Gregory paused and glanced between huis companions. "I know what you're going to say. Just leave it."
"Gregory, why didn't you mention Leanna?" Eliana asked pointedly.
He sighed, pulling away from his brother, his leather boots making a light clacking sound as he walked. "Because that's personal, they don't need to know it." he said as he reached the door. "Now come on, we have work to do."


Leanna watched the door to the town hall with trepidtation. She had heard the commotion on the main gate and the aftermath of what had happened, but she didn't want to believe it, especially as the stories had listed a dwarf and an elf with them. How could they be? They had been dead, she had killed them herself.
He heart dropped as the double doors opened and Gregory came stalking out first, standing tall and proud, followed by his brother, Grundown and Eliana and two she didn't recognise. She narrowed her eyes at the group, mulling up how easy it would be to strike down the dwarf. Her jaw still ached from his wild punch and it would serve him right if she was to tear at him with her magic. But - she shook her head - she was smarter than that. She hadn't survived this long by being impulsive and giving into to murderous instinct, even for those that deserved it.
He eyes found Greg again and she found, with a follow up pang of disgust, that she missed the Crowan. Even if he was a sap and nearly worshipped the ground on which she walked, he was still a good man and he had cared for her for years. She hadn't sure whether that made betraying him harder or not, eventually telling herself that such thoughts were just a test from Seraklan. There was only one man in the Great Game for her, and that was her God.
Her mind racing, she turned from looking at the group and started to walk down a nearby alley, pulling up her hood.
This was just a minor inconvenience - there was no chance that they could know what she had planned.


" - once we're all done we'll meet by the small church here and then decide where to go from there. Preferably for a drink." Aylix said, finding nods of agreements from all of the companions except Gregory. Aylix whistled to get his attention. "Hey, Greg. Pay attention."
Greg snapped out of his reverie with a jolt. "Sorry I was miles away..." he said, in an almost dreamlike state. "That looks like..." his eyes widened as he realised that the woman staring at them from across the crowded square had to be Leanna. "It's her!" he said pointing as the figure turned and walked down an alley, pulling up her hood. The group followed where he pointed, but couldn't pick her out.
"Lad, yer serrin' things. She ain't down there. If she was, I could proly smell her." Grundown said with a sniff. "Ah'll meet y'all back here later, I'ma go find where the alchemists 'av' 'oled up. The Great Bearded Seven knows, I need to restock."
"I'll go and report in to the scouts." Eliana followed up. They'll want to know movements if we are to attack, and who better to give them."
"Guess that leaves me to go head to the mercs guild then." Aylix shrugged. "I'll just follow the smell of beer and sword grease." The three non-relgious memebrs left, leaving Crow, Gregory and Addy left.
"I'll see you both at the church then." she smiled. "I could do with restocking as well if there's anywhere to do it here."
Gregory was still distracted, staring at the alley and Crow placed a hand on his shoulder. "Brother, she's not here. Come, let us do what we need to."
Together, the brothers descended the steps into the crowded town as the bell struck three times...

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