Monday, March 19, 2012

As night sets in...

Hopefully this makes up for yesterdays piss poor entry! New advances for everyone!


"Misser Aylix... I'm tired." Lucy's voice was tiny against the background of the screams and killing that surrounded them in the city. It was finally dusk and Aylix and Greg - along with a handful of other survivers were holed up in one of the ruined buildings on the east edge of town.
"I know little one, I know." he said softly, pulling a blanket tightly around her. "Try and get some sleep, I'll have a word with grumpy and see if we can find someway to get out." The little gurl nodded and curled up on the large cushiony chair that she had been sat in as Aylix padded silently across the room to where Gregory was sat with several other men and woman.
"But there's no way out..." one man was saying, "The Kryganites have all of the gates and any resistance is being slowly put down. I saw it myself... a family of Black Knights over in the north west side of town held a bridge on their own for hours to get other innocents out... they Kryganites just kept coming on in endless waves though... throwing themselves at them until they were overwhelmed." he held up a furled pennant. "I took this to present to where ever the nearest Keep is."
Gregory nodded his approval. "Nicely done. But that still doesn't provide us with a way out."
"Could we wait till the early hours and snea..." Aylix started.
A hiss from the window cut him off as an older man, dressed in rich clothing dashed over from the window. "Put out the lamp! Kryganites are coming down the street!"
To emphasise his words a load bang was heard from several doors down as they kicked in a door. A scream went up from the building and Gregory's face fell as he realised there was another innocent so close to them.
"Don't you dare." Aylix warned, putting a hand on the Crowan's arm. "We have our own to look after."
Another bang as another door was kicked in two doors down and the house theywere taking shelter in became a hive of activity as they rushed around to try and find a safe way out.
"Misser Aylix!" Lucy whimpered, scrabbling across the room to him.
"Hide with Josef." he urged, directing her to the merchant as weapons were readied.
Another bang, next door.
"Get ready." Aylix said, breathing softly as the rabble and noise of the group grew closer. The group tensed collectively, when a low thudding from behind them made them jump as the kitchen door opened behind them and a man in dirty, brightly coloured robes poked his head round the doorframe.
"This way... quickly! Follow me!" he urged, dropping back to the kitchen and revealing a trap door in one corner. "Now!"


A fire crackled softly in the fireplace in the town hall as the nobles and richer merchants gathered around the longtables for a fine feast, a world away from the horrors of Mercia. Lahsaa sat picking at some roast pork and bread glancing over at Leanna as she talked to his father in hushed tones.
"So what do you do my dear?"Tobias was asking her conversationally.
"I work for the mages guild - they are slowly preparing me to work my way through the ranks of the guild." she replied, her voice shy as if uncomfortable about talking about herself.
"Ah! The mages guild! A fine career choice." Tobias said loudly, with a nod of approval. "Fine learned men and women and I have had numerous dealings with Master Fied - fine, fine family. Does the guild proud if the stories are to be believed." Leanna nodded along dutifully. "Though, not for everyone of course... I'm sure you have to have a bit of something about you." his glance at Lahsaa was telling, and his son's gaze fell to his food with a sigh.
A call went up from across the room, for Tobias' attention. "Excuse me my dear." he said, picking up his goblet and leaving the table.

"I'm sure you could join the guild if you wanted to." Leanna said softly over at Lahsaa after his father had gone.
He shrugged, "That's just father - his pride is with his elder sons, the ones who will inherit his business. He largely leaves me to my own business... It doesn't stop him reminding me what a failure he thinks I am though." he looked up guility, meeting her eyes briefly before reaching for his goblet and staring into it. "You don't want to listen to my family issues."
"It sounds like you need someone to listen to you." she said kindly, reaching out over the table to touch his hand. "The L... Lady works in odd ways." she touched the pendant at her neck. She dropped her voice conspiratorially. "Can I trust you with something."
Lahsaa frowned and leaned forward to her. "Of course." he said, raising his eyebrows.
"I think there's someone after me... The heretics have marked me for some reason - and I think they're..." she shrank into herself. "I think they want to kill me."


The elf and the dwarf sat opposite each other over a crackling camp fire, passing back and forth a wineskin that Eliana had provided, despite Grundown's initial complaints at the quality of the drink. They hadn't moved from where Eliana had revealed her possession of the dwarven artifact.
"So what do we do? We need to find Gregory and Crow and warn them about Leanna."
"But... the Medallion of Snorri..." Grundown said, still playing it over in his fingers. "This needs t' be returned t' tha hold as soon as possible. The grudge could be on it's way to bein' over by the end of the week if we move soon."
"Isn't the danger to our friends more important? Think of what could happen if Leanna gets to them first - their deaths would be on us Grundown and could you accept that? The grudge has been going on for hundreds of years, it can last a couple more weeks."
Grundown glared at the Elf, but sighed heavily after a couple of minutes, realising she was right. "What d'ye suggest?"
"We head to Netherthong, find Gregory or Crow and warn them what Leanna really is."
"An' what if she's already disappeared into the crowds?"
"You have to ask? We track her down and kill her. With or without them."
Grundown raised the wineskin in toast. "Now yer speakin' my language Elf."


"'ere you are, Master Chrace." Addy's voice came floating over him as she handed him a bowl of the stew that had been drifting enticingly over the camp. He nodded his thanks, watching her as she sat opposite him. "So what on Arda were you doin out ther' fightin' those 'eretics on your own?" she asked, blowing on her own stew.
"Doing what I could to protect the line." he said simply, lifting his spoon to his mouth. "Making sure that the souls of the fallen were joined safely with my Lord." he followed it up with after finishing his mouthful, motioning to the skull pendant around his neck.
"A follower of the God of the Dead then?" she smiled, though the smile was slightly fearful.
"Father devotee, of the Order of the Elysial Eternal." he offered with a nod. "A Monastic Order that believe in sanctity of the soul above all else."
Addy smiled in response, "And are all of those in the Monastry so handsome?"
Crow flustered, choking on a lump of potato. "I beg your pardon?" he coughed, to Addy's peals of laughter.
"Ah, wise in the ways of the soul, but innocent in the ways of women? Always the way for those stuck in monastaries."
Crow smiled, good humouredly, washing away the obstruction with water from a beaker, when a cry went up from three or four camp fires away. "Help! Oh Seven please help us!"
Crow's eyes widened and he grabbed his mace, pushing himself to his feet with it, limping as fast as he could towards the noise, Addy trailing behind him. "Crow, wait."
"No, someone needs us! Come on!" The cries increased as the Father and the physician hurried in the direction of the screams which pierced the night air shrilly a second time.

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