Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Projects and passtimes...

So, an actual update before my 750 words update a little later on.
It's been a week eight days since I started the adventures of Greg and co for 750 words and I have to say that I'm loving this little 'fanfiction' of the Fools and Heroes world a lot. Very humble beginnings (the entire thing has grown just out of that simple first battle cry of "Praise be to Krygan!") and now it's roughly 7000 words long if I've done my maths right. Seven thousand words.

I'm impressed at myself - my NaNo lasted no where near this long - but this 750words has me pretty fired up and keen about writing. It's such a simple thing to do - 750 words - but it works. Works to get the words flowing, works to get everything just ticking and clicking in my head. It's got me keen about writing again - disappointed when I miss a day and leaving me begging to get to use any internet connected device to be able to actually get on and do it. I've started looking at small USB keyboards that I can connect up to my phone so I can type it using that should I need to if I have to do it on there again.

Of course - my keenness for this project has been aided and abetted by some awesome people who have been constantly giving me feedback and encouragement. (Phil, Space Wolf of Wolfish Written, Jon Collins (bloglink to go here,) Glynn and a fine bloke called Rich.) It's this encouragement, the reactions they give me to the various cliff hangers and twists that make the writing all the more worth it and give me the keen to go on.

So - for anyone that hasn't yet read any of them yet:
1 Ready for Battle...
2 After the battle.
3 The Siege of Mercia
4 The Struggle Continues
5 The Fight Continues
6 Conversations.
7 A lull before the storm.
8 As night sets in...

If anyone wants to contributes thoughts and opinions in the comments or by message on Facebook or Twitter it would be greatly appreciated. Let me know which of the characters you like - which you hate, which you want to see more of... The more encouragement I get for this, the long it goes on and the longer I write it. =]

Look for part 9 tonight!

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