Monday, March 19, 2012

A lull before the storm....

A short and rather poor entry - I didn't manage to complete it in 750 words because of computer troubles I've been having today. Apologies for the low quality - hopefully it'll pick up again tomorrow.

And no - no Crow - there's a bit of time issues I've realised and everyone else needs to catch up to him.


Gregory crouched in front of the small girl as the last of the heretics fell. "You're okay now, stick with us and we'll help you to get out." she sniffled in reply, tears flowing freely down her cheeks, cowering against the wall.
"I don't think she believes you somehow lad." Aylix smirked, wincing as he poked at a gash down his left arm. He pulled a hip flask out of a pouch on his belt, flicked it open and took a deep slug, before pouring a goodly amount on the wound which elicited a groan. "Bit of Dwarven fortitude?" he offered it to Gregory who was still trying to convince the girl to trust him.
"Don't you realise how serious this is?" the priest demanded angrily. "How many innocent lives are at stake? The enormity of what we have to do here? There are hundreds of people still in this town - and slowly that number is shrinking as they either are killed or escape. I am here to make sure that they do the latter!"
"Do you think he takes everything so serious kid?" Aylix crouched down in front of the girl, touching her hair gently causing her to look at him and then at Gregory. "Can you imagine him eating a hunk of cheese and saying 'this cheese is innocent cheese' with that frowny look he has on his face?" a flicker of a smile flashed on the girls lips as she noted the disapproving glare on the priests face. "Attagirl. What's your name?"
"Lucy." she spoke softly, nervously, but they had won her over.

"Well Lucy, I'm Aylix and this moody man behind me is..."
"Gregory." he said with a scowl at Aylix before softening his expression to look at Lucy. "High Father Gregory Chrace."
Aylix nodded approvingly at the Crowan. "Well Lucy, how about you, me and Greg here get out of here and see if we can find our way out at the same time."
"What 'bout mummy and daddy?" she asked softly.
"Well... hop on my back, we'll go find your house and see if we can find them okay?" Aylix smiled, as Lucy climbed onto his back for a piggyback. "Point the way, little one." he said, hefting his hammer. "Lead on Greg.
"That's High father Chrace." the Crowan shot back.


"So, where are you from?" Tobias asked Leanna as they rejoined the caravan.
"Mercia...." Leanna started slowly before volunteering, "I had some friends as well, they were with me... but we were attacked by Kryganites and they..." she sobbed convincingly. "They were killed trying to fight back... protecting me..."

Lahsaa came to her side and laid a hand on her arm. "It's okay... you're safe now. I'm sorry about your friends." he said softly, his words tripping over each other. Leanna returned his smile, sadly. "What were you doing out in the woods?"

"We.... we were..."

"Lahsaa! Don't bother the lass. She's just seen her friends killed, she doesn't need browbeating by you." Tobias said harshly, shaking his head at his son.

"I'm sorry." Lahsaa apologised, his head bowed ashamed as he stepped away from her. "I won't bother you."
"No! It's fine... I'm sorry it just..." she sobbed again, holding onto Lahsaa's arm. "... it was horrible... they were horrible...."
"You're fine now." he said, nervous at her proximity. "You're safe... look... there's Netherthong. We'll be safe there until this whole things blows over." The village came into view, tents being erected already around the outskirts, and a small number of coaches making their way inside the town. "We get to head inside - father is one of the more influential merchants in Mercia so he has a small property here already." he sounded almost proud, as he glanced over at his father who was now talking to two men who were obviously related to him in some way. "If you don't have anywhere to go... I'm sure we can take you in for a while."

Leanna hugged him, relief on her face. "Oh thank you! Thank the Gods for crossing our paths." A sly grin passed on her face as she touched the holy symbol around her neck. "Praise be indeed."


"Where in the name of the Great Beareded Seven did you get that?" Grundown gaped at the medallion in Eliana's hand. "Do you even know what that is lass?"
"Raid on the dark Elf camps a hundred and fifty years ago, my brother took the hands from their matriarch and thought it was pretty enough to give to me. I took it for Dwarven straight away but..." she shrugged. "It is important then?"

"That, is the medallion of the sixteenth thane of the hold - he was killed by Elves... Dark Elves, around one hundred and eighty years ago and his medallion was thought lost. It may be that that could bring us an end to this fightin' after all."

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