Thursday, July 12, 2012

Desperate to survive...

Something a bit new. More pleased with the first half than the second, but hopefully this might go somewhere new. I didn't have time to write the extra bit I wanted to on 750 words - so hopefully that'll come out tomorrow.

Inspired by my playlist OMG ZOMBIES! on Spotify.


Claire forced herself to breath slowly and shallowly as she stepped down the alleyway foot over foot, the souls of her boots making the softest of taps on the tile floor that still seemed far too loud.
Not for the first time that night, she shivered partly from the cold and partly from the smell in the air. Everything smelt of death. It seemed to permeate the air, it clung to her soft, light brown hair which was making her flinch every time it brushed against her face; it clung to her clothes - which were partly the reason for her chill, tight fitting black cycling shorts that came down to mid thigh underneath pink denim hotpants, as well as a black t-shirt underneath a pink sleeveless jacket was hardly an outfitted suited for a cold night. Though, she didn't expect to be picking through streets and buildings trying to avoid the undead either.
Her eyes closed slowly as she thought the word. The undead - it sounded rediculous but, there was no other way to describe them. They were walking around when they had no right to be. They had still been walking around with an entire clip of 28mm bullets fired into their chest and Claire had gotten the impression it was only the shot the had hit the thing over its right eye that had finally stopped it moving.
She had to find Leon, literally the only living person she had met since she had arrived in town, or Chris her brother - who was supposed to be have been working around here. He could have at least warned her that the city had gone to shit.
There was a moan ahead a noise that she had quickly associated with the walking dead and it was joined by another noise, a wet slapping noise mixed with something tearing apart. Claire opened her eyes and fought the urge to heave as she realised what the noise was - it was something feeding. She could hear the slap of wet entrails and the greedy grunting as whatever was round the corner tore apart its meal.
Her breath quickened despite itself and she gripped the handgun Leon had given her tighter. There was no other way around, crashed cars blocked the roads ahead, an exploded tanker blocked the way back, she had to go this way.
She shuffled closer and closer to the litter lined alleyway, careful to avoid discarded tin cans and other discarded trash that could give her away.
Finally - she was there - another step would take her round the corner of the alley. She braced her back against the wall briefly, the damp brickwork cooling her shoulders and the small of her back through her clothes before she pushed off and spun around the corner, searching for a target.
It was in front of her. A second zombie, uninterested in the dead body lurched for her as she spun around the corner as a shout came from somewhere ahead. "Elise!"

Elise screamed as she flinched backwards from the TV screen, almost dropped her controller that her thumb mashed the middle of instinctively, finding the pause button and stopping the groaning noise that filled the room. The light snapped on as the door was pushed open and a man, shaking with laughter stepped inside.
"Damnit Dan you... you... arse!" the woman gasped, leaning back in the armchair and balling her fists. She glared at the man who leaned agaisnt the wall, giggling childishly.
"Lis' you are too easy to make jump." he laughed as he glanced at the screen. "Resi two? Again? How many times have you started that game?" he shook his head, slightly dispairingly as his eyes fell from the tv, to the games console sat under it, to her as her shaking hands collected the trident like controller again.
"I don't care. I like it... and this time I'm definitely going to finish it!" she pouted obstinately, her finger hovering over the pause button again.
He chuckled again. "That's what you said the last fifteen times you started it. Have you at least got to the police station this time?"
She muttered in reply, unintelligably before sighing, finally having collected her wits to her again. "Was there something you wanted Daniel?" she asked icily, glaring at her housemate.
"Well, I figured you still wanted to come to classes this afternoon, or are you staying in with the curtains closed in your pyjamas playing zombie games that must be... What, ten years old?"
"Fifteen." she sighed, setting the controller down and standing to stretch. "And I don't care how old it is. I like zombie games." the was a childish whine to her voice that caused Dan's eyes to roll as he turned from the room.
"Better hope there is never an actual zombie apocolypse Lis', the amount you jump from little things like this, you'd be crap." he said, closing the door, hearing the thud of a pillow hitting the door, followed by the shout of "Dick."
"You too! Leavin' in ten minutes. Hurry up."
Elise sighed, turning flicking off the games console and turning on the radio as she hurried to get ready, tuning out when she realise the news was on.
"... and in pharmaceutical news - it's been dubbed 'the wonder drug' by doctors around the world and now something that could be the cure for the common cold goes on general over the counter sale today..." the female voice was saying as Elise began picking out an outfit.

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