Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two more sleeps...

Yes, yes... I know. Part of this possibly couldn't be done in the game world. Artistic license, folks.

It didn't take them long to reach the larger camps despite the mass of people. As they drew close Aylix and Josef broke away from the group, returning some fifteen minutes later with a small stock of food and drink. Eating and drinking they crossed to the infirmary - where the register was being taken.
"What's the plan once they're all safe, Greg?" Aylix asked quietly. The pair had delieberately positioned themselves near the back of their group.
"We find my brother. Whatever the problem with the undead is, he'll be here dealing with it." Greg said resolutely as the line slowly and steadily moved forward.
"We still have that Addy lass to find as well."
They reached the front of the queue in relatively short order and the group gave their names before asking about others they cared about. Eventually Gregory reached the front asking about his brother. The man on the desk flicked through his list. "Sorry, don' have anyone by that name on here."
Gregory cursed, looking desperate. "Please, he's my brother... He's a devotee of Kharach, wears a facemask... carries a large mace."
The man started to shake his head again. "Look I'm sorr..."
"'Ere... Ern... isn't that the fella that got the shoein off the Kyrganites? the one protectin' the waggins?" a man chirped up from behind the desk.
"'im? It might be?"
"Where?" Gregory demanded, looking between the two.
"Over by the 'ealin' tents. Doc' Gretta found 'im I think." 'Ern' mused.
"Thank you." Gregory said, before dashing off towards the tends.
"Seven..." Aylix groaned, quickly giving his name. Calling at their charges to stay safe he dashed off after him.


The Kryganite camp was nearly an hour away and Eliana had to leave the group on their own in order to get closer. She was gone nearly half an hour and Crow was about to lay the dwarf out with his mace if he asked if they should go and find her one more time.
A rustle of bushes alerted them to a presense and a second later Eliana stepped out, flustered and harrassed.
"Are you okay?" Crow was first to his feet, looking over her shoulder at the slowly darkening woods to make sure she hadn't been followed.
"Fine... I found their camp. There are patrols everywhere." he accepted a waterskin Addy offered and drank gratefully. "In the middle of it all there is a clearing with a raised dias on it. It looks like whatever they're planning they're going to do there. They're prepared the area at the moment, with so many Kryganite items... But there is Seraklanite's amongst them. I saw them - replacing various bits of the design, not putting idols where they were told, putting them in different places or in the wrong order." Her face fell. "We're never going to get close enough to stop them..."
"Ne'er say ne'er Elf, we'll think o' something." Grundown said, clapping the Elf on the back. "We know the undead are gonna attack... we have t'use them as a distraction."
The group looked uneasy at the suggestion, especially Crow who glowered at the dwarf.
"I will NOT use undead to..."
"I'm not suggestin' we use 'em manling." the dwarf cut the Kharachian off before he could shout. "They'll be attackin' the Kryganites anyway. We jus' need to stop whatever they're doin' for the ritual. Don' give me that look, I dun like it any more than you do. But we need to stop it... Killin' undead can come afterwards when we're fightin' for out life on both sides."
Crow stood and turned to head back towards the camp. "We should get back. It's getting late."
Addy, Eliana and Grundown exchanged a look and started after him, still mindful to pick their way through he woods carefully.


Leanna sat at the window overlooking the village as night drew in, reading over the scroll that she had checked again and again since she had gotten it. Close to two more days and this part of the long game would be over. She had to bleed two more times, she had a fool them all for a little longer and then she would be favoured child of Seraklan. She would probably give up her soulfire, no matter how much she'd miss it. After this ritual she would be feared and talked about in hushed whispered by all. This was the changing point of everything. The moment Seraklan took over and all bowed before him. It had taken her years to get this far and now it was here. The day was close that she would bring the Archons of Seraklan forth so that finally... Once again. Seraklan would walk on Arda.

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Eep! One day Sereklan would walk on Arda ... come on Greg - you've got to stop him!