Thursday, April 12, 2012

750 words - Thursday life update.

So, no Misery in Middale tonight, and then I've actually used my Patron status to book time off over the weekend. And for Springfest weekend - which is bloody useful.
So why no Misery? Because I want to try and make Thursday my life check in day - so I can tell people what's going on with my life and... all the rest of that balls.

This week marks week number... 3, I think, of gym going, and while last week was a little bit fail (I only went twice and managed to put on 2lb) this week wasn't a great deal better (because of Monday illness - good job I was off already) - however I'm hoping I've still lost some weight this week. Last Wednesday's gym session was pretty gruelling with a PT who pushed me BLOODY hard, especially with the weights and such and mein gott did my limbs feel it the next day. Well... after LARP. I may have made it worse trucking around in plate and steel chain Thursday night for the night mission, but... no pain no gain. However I don't like being unable to straighten my arms out. That hut a lot. But - even after just a couple of sessions I've done it's kind of awesome to be able to poke at my biceps and actually feel some proper muscle definition there. I really need to work out a training schedule though and stick to it, properly. My plan is to do Monday and Wednesday as gym sessions, then either Thursday or Friday as swimming. And then, most weekends at least, LARP where I'll monster in steell chain and throw myself round like a mad man. I'm feeling pretty buzzed coming out of the gym, exercise can be fun. Who knew?
Main thing I'm struggling with is watching what I eat... because the things so bad for you are so tasty... and come in big portions. I've been trying to calorie watch a bit (not the best of ideas I know) but it's not working so well I don't think.
But - I'll get there - slow and steady progress... and even slow progress is good progress, right?

In other news - in about 3 weeks I will FINALLY, after 26 bloody years, have a passport! Which means I can... well - not go anywhere really cause I can't afford, but still. It's ID, with my current address on it as well. Next stop, driving?

Other than a cold besides that, I'm not doing too badly. Jenni and myself have very nearly finished the trip through Guiadon as part of Aylix's backstory - and as sad as it may sound, I'm actually getting really antsy about the scene coming up... Because soemthing BIG happens... and the prospect of it is making me kinda sad. But it is inspiring me to work on the planning for the rest of the backstory - including the cut down version to send to refs and stuff so I can get the special part of his backstory passed. It's awesome, and I've already got a volunteer to actually run the plot - and I know he'll do a fucking AWESOME job of it. I just have to hope, and pray and the rest of it that the fact that his backstory is so huge that it doesn't count as "kit curse" and kill him first mission out. That would blow so many chunks. I think as soon as he's done, I need to work on the next character. I've been toying with the idea of trying to get a Dwarven Runesmith (very Warhammer-esque I know) passed to play, and what better time to try it?

One thing that always kind of gets me down with coming up with character ideas like this though, is that the people I want to be excited about it, never really seem to be. I know that someone else is never going to be as enthused with your idea as you are but... meh - I think it comes back to needing encouragement if I'm ever going to get anything done. I think it's why some stuff has been going well lately, because I've had people there supporting me, even when I am being an annoying pain in the arse and not seeming like I want to help myself with it. I do. I really do. I just need a kick, more than just a little and the people who are helping me with various aspects of stuff that I'm changing (money, gym, weight, writing and so on) - you have no idea how grateful I am to each and every one of you for doing what you're doing. Just carry on. I love you all to bits. You're awesome. You should know who you are, but if you aren't sure and you think I'm talking about you, ask and I'll tell you.

That'll do for today I think. Still things to do before I hit the hay.

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SB said...

Jace - you have to do both or nothing will change :) Just exercise = keeping up with the extra food you're eating. Just healthy eating = reduces you intake, but by not enough to reduce weight.

You need to be really strict with your diet at the start - when you start seeing weight come off, you'll be more motivated.

I suggest buying some scales and using them at home, and (not meaning to sound weird) - use them in just your underwear at the same time each week, for consistent readings. You're going to be downheartened if you've 'put 1lb on' but it's down to your heavy trousers that day!

Good tip - a 'portion' of meat is about 4oz - or 113g. That's one small/medium chicken breast, half a large bag of prawns, or a small steak of beef. Try to match that with 3 types of veg per meal, and a small amount of gain (wholemeal pasta/noodles) 3/4 times a week, ad minimise bread, and when you do eat it , wholemeal only. No alcohol, no takeaways. Once you see results, you'll be more motivated and keep going.

If you're finding it hard cooking/adapting to the 'right food', you might find it easier going 'cold turkey' like me with meal replacements so you only have to think about one meal a day.

Always here for you dude, but you have to do both healthy eating and exercise to see results!