Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Somebody to blame...

No! Bad Jason! Aylix is not a main character! You can write about him plenty elsewhere!
Enjoy. =] Greg just seemed really, REALLY set on doing this and who was I to stop him?


It didn't take long for Aylix to catch up with Gregory at the top of a small rise overlooking the village. The Crowan had unsheathed his greatsword and was hacking chunks out of a wooden sign that - at one point - had possibly had some writing on it; now it was being made into kindling.
"Poor defenceless post.." Aylix observed, standing at a safe distance, his hand in his hair watching the Crowan helplessly.
Greg snarled at the militaman as he continued to hack at the post. "Would you prefer it be you, drunkard?"
Aylix shook his head. "I've got better things to be doing than beating up Crowan's." he replied nonchalantly, chewing the skin next to the nail on one of his fingers.
Gregory spun on his heel, levelling the blade at Aylix, a sneer on his face. "Challenge accepted."
Aylix's eyebrows shot up, his eyebrows widening. "I'm sorry what?" he managed to say before throwing himself to the side as Gregory thrust his blade forward as if meaning to run the militiaman through. Aylix managed to bring his hammer round in time to block a follow up swing and aimed a kick at the priest, knocking him backwards.
"What the Sharda has gotten into you?" Aylix demanded, backing off, watching Gregory warily as he steadied himself.
"Whatever or whoever you are, you're just here to cause me misery aren't you? You have poisoned the minds of my brother and friends! What have you done with Leanna?" Greg roared, hurling himself forward and bringing the sword down heavily. Aylix dodged to the side and slammed the back of his fist into the Crowans gut before spinning away.
"Don't be grakkin rediculous." Aylix stared at the Crowan incredulously as he stepped back again. "I'm just a bloke in the right place at the right time. I saved your life you halfwit. I've had enough Gods damned problems this last five years I don't need to be stepping into someone elses. But Tralda obviously likes a bit of a joke and keeps..." another block, though this one jarred his arms and this time it was Aylix falling backwards from a boot to the stomach, "... kaff kaff... keeps throwing more problems at me." He swung the hammer in a wide arc, deflecting the sword and giving him chance to roll away. "You think I want to be here? You think I want to be mixed up in this orc shit?"
"Your lies won't work any more. I should have kileld you back in Mercia." Greg scolwed, pressing the attack and forcing Aylix backwards as he parried with the haft of the hammer frantically.
"That's gratitude for you. You think that would have changed anything if your woman has gone rogue?" Aylix snarled, pushing back gradually. "Hear ye, hear ye... Happy ever endings don't exist and sometimes you don't end up with the woman who you thought was going to be your happy ever after." He wrenched the hammer down and to the left as they were caught - the blade crossing the haft of the hammer - throwing Gregory off balance. Aylix reached forward, grabbing the priest by the front of his robes and headbutting him, hard.
Gregory fell backwards, holding his nose as Aylix shook the cobwebs free. Stepping forward, he kicked the Crowan's wrist, sending the sword tumbling away, before aiming a second kick at his chest. "Sometimes bad things happen to the people you love Crowan. Sometime you can't protect them, no matter what you do, or what you try. If she's really a Seraklanite, then I'm sorry but there's sweet fuck and all you can do about that." hot, bitter tears were forming at the corners of Aylix eyes and he dashed them away hurriedly.
"No... she can't be... you must be... have..." Gregory growled, pushing himself to his feet slowly. Aylix helped him the rest of the way, roughly, before punching the Crowan in the face.
"I. Have. Done. Nothing." the militiaman roared in the priests face. "Nothing. Happiness if hard enough to come by in this stupid, damned country, I tend not to be in the business of trying to screw that up for other people." he delivered another hard right to Greg's gut and the priest doubled over, falling to the floor. "Understand? This is not my fault!"
Greg lurched forward at Aylix, best he could while gasping for air, swinging his fist clumsily. "Liar!" he coughed out.
"Oh for the love of the Seven." Aylix snarled, hitting Gregory with the plate bracer on the back of his wrist, knocking him out cold.
Aylix shook his head, rubbing his ribs as he sat down next to the priests prone body. "Imb├ęcile." he muttered in Guiadonese.

It was some half an hour later when Gregory awoke, holding his head. Aylix was still sat next to him, staring out over the village with an impassive look on his face, the moonlight catching his eyes and making them shine brighter than they possibly should be. His arms were resting on raised knees and he cradled his hipflask in his hands.
"Aylix?" Gregory coughed with a moan, sitting up. The militiaman offered the hip flask wordlessly. "Gods, what happend? I remember..." he trailed off a heavy sigh escaping his lips and his head dropping forward. "Leanna..." The priest drank from the flask, cringing and coughing as the whiskey seared his throat and he handed it back to Aylix. "I was... So angry... I do not know why... I just remember my rage building and building..."
Aylix took a hit from the hip flask, draining it. He sighed as the last few drops escaped. "Must have been magic. Don't worry about it." he said, his voice flat. "You come to terms with it yet?"
Gregory sighed. "No. But until I see proof of it I do not think I will." Aylix merely grunted in reply. "Aylix. I am sorry for attacking you and blaming you. Even blinded by rage as I was, that was still stupid and wrong."
The Captain shook his head and stood. "It's fine. You ready to come back?"
Gregory stood shakily, wincing as the bruises on his chest made themselves known. "Who did you lose?" he asked as he retrieved his sword.
Aylix said nothing for a second, but stopped walking, looking out over the town. "Her name was Rani." he said in a broken voice, not turning around. "And I didn't lose her. I killed her."
He resumed his walking heading back towards the camp. Gregory stared after him for several long seconds, before following several paces behind.

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