Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Never simple... Never happy...

This entry could have been better... Aylix needs to stay in his box a bit more I think... and I really need to make a push towards the end. I'm concentrating too much on micro-actions of the characters when I need to pull away a bit I think...

Thoughts and opinions welcome. =]


The brothers shook a warriers shake before embracing each other briefly with Addy and Aylix looking on. Addy shot Aylix a smile and the militaman winked in return.
"I'm sure you two can catch up and cuddle later, or whatever it is brothers do, but I believe there's a lady who needs introducing." Aylix grinned to Addy's replying smirk. Crow raised his eyebrows at the militaman, then his brother as they stepped back from each other, Addy used the second interval to grab Crow's arm and pull it around her shoulders.
"This is Addison Taylor." Crow introduced with a smile and a glance at the Traldan, as she gave a small curtsey. "And you are...?"
"Captain Aylix Goth." he replied, giving a short salute with two fingers off of his forehead, with a nod. "Ran into your brother in Mercia when he decided to take on an alleyfull of Kryganites on his lonesome. I thought I'd spare him the finality of his Ladies last miracle and help him live to fight another day, didn't I Greg?" The Crowan scowled in return, to a small giggle from Addy and a smirk from the Kharachian. "Is he always this dour?" he continued, rolling his eyes at the High Father's temprement. "Anyway, pleasur' to meet you both. If you hadn't guessed Addison, this is your Kharachian's brother Greg, and as yer neither an elf nor dwarf, you must be Crow."
The devotee nodded and offered his left hand to shake, his right still being held by Addy, which Aylix dutifully took.

"Now, how about we stop standin' about I go and grab myself and Greg 'ere something to sleep on and some booze and food and then everyone can play catch up and we can share what we know?" the Captain seemed to be on a roll, and none could fault him as they turned back to Crow's lonely camp, which was short to grow slightly.


Sometime later, and with the arrival of Grundown and Eliana shortly afterwards the group sat around a small fire with the tents in a semi circle around it, each with a bottle of assorted drinks which were passed round. The group were largely laughing and joking, except for Greg who sat a little apart from the rest in silence. Each of his friends and Addy occasionally glanced over at him, exchanging looks with each other as Aylix spoke.
"So I decide to throw myself through the window to save her, only... I dunno - I foul up somehow and end up on my back, at her feet - her kidnappers in disarray - and all I say is 'the cavalry has arrived'... I think she ended up more rescuer than rescuee..." he had a joviality in his voice which Addy - who was probably least distracted with Greg - suspected wasn't sincere. "By far no where near the stupidest thing I've done in my life but... I remember the look she gave me." the corners of his mouth flicked up in a smile and he drank deep from his bottle of whiskey.
A silence fell over the group, punctuated by the crackle and pop of the fire until finally, "As none of you are volunteering the information... Where's Leanna?" Gregory asked, his voice oddly angry. "What happened to you lookin' out for her Grun? You come back and say nothing about her as if her absense is normal? What on Arda is going on?" Gregory was on his feet, glaring angrily at the people gathered, the bottle of mead he had been drinking falling from his hands and spilling on the grass.
Crow, Grundown and Eliana exchanged looks before Crow stood and approached his brother. "Sheppherd. I'm afraid there is something we need to tell you..."


"No!" Gregory roared angrily shoving his brother backwards. "What is this? You make up lies and stories to cover your cowardice? Is that it? You let her die and you make up something like that to tell me instead.
Grundown stood, glaring at the Crowa. "Fratarknaz!" he cursed in dwarf, stomping forward. "How dare you manling? What kind of opinion of me do ye hav' if you think I'd make up somethin' like that? Before she tried to kill both me and the Elf, I woulda died protectin' her. Both of 'em even. You call me a coward once manling, and that's on'y cause of how long we've travelled together. Next one gets you a hidin' like you've never 'ad before." Even though he was only as tall as Greg's chest there was no doubt that the dwarf was at least as heavy as the human and probably twice as strong.
"What kind of opinion do you have of all of us Gregory if you throw around accusations like that?" Eliana's voice was soft but heavy with threat.
"Well there must be some other explanation!" the Crowan raged, balling his fists. "Because what you are saying cannot be true."
"Oh, a liar as well as a coward is it now?" Grundown thundered, poking Gregory hard in the chest.
"Grundown!" Crow stepped in between his brother and the dwarf and Grun stood down, backing off several paces. "Brother, my reaction was much the same. But use sense. Why would we make something like this up?"
"He's got a point Greg..." Aylix agreed cautiously stepping forward, drinking again from his bottle of whiskey, "And you said yerself the one leadin' 'em all has the same surname as her as well. The Son's of Tralda told us, didn't they?"
Crow laid a hand on Greg's shoulder, hoping to calm him. "Brother..."
Gregory gave a growl of frustration and shrugged off his brother, storming off away from the camps in a blind rang. The group watched him go, conflicting emotions warrring on each of their faces before eventually Crow stepped forward to head after him.
"No lad..." Aylix said, catching the Kharachian's arm. "Let me go."
The Captain and the Kharachan shared a look of understanding before Aylix, after picking up his hammer, followed the Crowan into the night.

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