Monday, April 23, 2012

Never buried.

Dun dun duuuun... New revelations. Relatively tame this time though. She talked herself into staying through the next days antics though. >.< Looks like Aylix and Addy are going to be sticking around for that fight.


It took Crow several minutes to catch up with Addy, finally finding her underneath a tree some distance away from the camp. Her shoulders were shaking and he heard her crying quietly.
"Crow... just leave me alone for a while." she sobbed brokenly, not glancing around at him.
The Kharachian obstinately continued forward until he was beside her, sitting slowly and draping his arms around her shoulders. Despite her instruction for him to leave, she leaned into him, clinging onto his robe as she tried to steady her breath. "What's wrong Addy?" he whispered softly in her ear. "Maybe I can help?"
"You can't... " she shook her head, tightening her grip on his robe. "He's got me completely with this. There's no actual way I can say no to him.."
Crow frowned, confused. "Why? Is he threatening you...?"
Addy laughed, bitterly. "If only it was that simple. He's askin' me for a favour first of all... an' as he's a fellow Traldan, I can't refuse him... but if it were a simple favour he was askin' it wouldn't be so bad. It's everything else.."
Crow's look of concern grew deeper and deeper as she spoke. "Like what?"
Addy bit her lip, her eyes meeting his as he saw the breif war that went on inside her mind. "I can't tell you Crow. It's just... I've done some things before I'm not proud of... and he wants me to do 'em again."
"Like wh... Addy, please? Whatever it is, you can trust me. I swear I will keep whatever secret you tell me." Crow brushed the tears from her cheek with his fingertips as she stared at him with at him helplessly.
"Crow..." she kissed him. "You barely know me... and you trust me like that?"
"The worst that can happen is my death and I don't fear that."
She siged, looking almost pityingly at him. "There are much worse things than death, Crow." she chewed her lip, her resolve slowly crumbling. "I... I have certain skills... that Bill has used a few times to get what he wants out of people who like to lock them up and hide them away. But... I tried to give it up. I told him, over a year ago I was out and I was done. I didn't want anything to do with it any more. I just wanted to be a physician and devote myself to Tralda... But... he still knew and I still owe him favours for things he's done for me over the years and now... he wants me to start again..."
Crow's concerned look had grown confused, obviously not sure whether to back away from her. "What are you talking about Addy?"
She blinked away more tears and leaned forward, pulling her hair to the side to show him the nape of her neck. There, branded onto her skin, was the letter T. "I was... Or... I am, one of the guild of thieves." she said bitterly.


It was some half an hour later when Crow and Addy returned to the group, arms around each other as they walked in quiet collaberation. Almost collectively everyone in the camp looked up at the pair.
"Ev'rythin' okay now lass?" Grundown asked as the pair sat down again. Addy nodded in reply, her eyes till slightly red, clinging onto Crow's hand like a lifeline.
"Yes. Bill reminded me of some obligations that I have hanging over me that I would have preferred to have forgotten. I'm going to need to speak to whatever exists of a guildhouse in Netherthong and try and get some physicians supplies to take to Mercia. Then I'll have to be heading there to deliver them...." she swallowed, tears pricking her eyes again. "I think there may be a farewell to you all in there for a while I'm afraid. I'm likely to be wanted to stay with the Sons to help them out." her gaze had fallen, unable to hold it on the expectant faces staring at her. To their credit, they noticed her discomfort and looked away.
"How long can you stay with us?" Gregory asked.
"I can at least put off heading back until after tomorrow." Addy replied shakily. "He can wait a couple of days at least. They wouldn't have been that worse for where for the supplies."
Aylix shook his head. "Nah, they seemed okay. Plenty of booze at least." the corner of his mouth twitched.
The Traldan let out a rasping breath. "There you are then, I can help you stop the Seraklanites before I head back then." she forced a smile onto her face and looked up at them again.
A silence decended over the group as they looked between each other before Grundown clapped loudly. "Righ'! Well, that's that then. Let's get ourselves together and we c'n head to Netherthong within the hour."
The group rose to their feet, except Addy and Crow who stayed holding onto each other a bit longer. "I'm sorry I can't stay with you for longer Crow." Addy said eventually, kissing the Kharachian softly on the lips before standing to get her own things prepared leaving the Kharachian looking forlorn and staring almost angrily into the embers of the previous nights campfire.

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