Sunday, April 22, 2012

As dawn breaks...

Bit of a struggle this one. But it got there... Kinda.


Despite the quantities of alcohol the group had drank the night before Gregory, Crow, Eliana, Grundown, Addy and Aylix began to awake with the dawn - unable to stay asleep for very long as the camp woke up around them and the sun bathed the entire area in a warming sunlight.
Aylix, having easily drank the most the night before tried to stay in bed the longest, groaning against the noises that seemed to be amplified doznes of times over in the still morning air, covering his eyes from the suns unrelenting glare. Addy and Crow had fallen asleep next to each other and had awoken with the Kharachian's arms around the Traldan much to Crow's embarressment. Eliana had closed her eyes still sat cross legged facing the fire while they had still been talking, not sleeping but enetering a kind of meditation-like state. Grundown had scarely even bothered with a blanket and had just lain down on the hardest bit of ground he could find and had been asleep in minutes, snoring loudly until Aylix had thrown a tankard at him.
Gregory lay, red eyed, staring up at the sky as fluffy white clouds passed by overhead. He hadn't slept through most of the night, save for small snatches of naps, as thoughts of Leanna had kept him occupied all night.
Despite Aylix's goal of staying out of the sun and away from any kind of noise for as long as possible, it was Gregory who rose last as everyone else was tucking into food that Addy and Crow had collected.
"Thi'is more like it!" Grundown laughed, slapping his knee as he waved a bread and cooked meat around with his other hand. "Meat in bread, uninterrupted by undead filth."
Aylix groaned holding his head, his own food, so far, untouched in front of him. "Grun... I'm not going to tell you again..."
Eliana smirked. "Drink too much last night Captain?" Aylix only glared at her in reply.
"Morning Guardian." Crow nodded, causing all bar Aylix to look round as Gregory walked slowly to the group his head bowed. "Sleep well?"
Gregory shook his head in reply, sitting next to the Kharachian with a sigh, accepting the food gratefully. "Not really." he said, his voice croaky. He glanced around at the group, before letting out another sigh. "Things on my mind."
A glance flicked between the rest of the group before Crow clapped his brother on the shoulder. "I know it's hard Greg but try not to dwell on it."
"The path is laid by Tralda, we just have to walk it and pick which way to go at the crossroads." Addy added with a sad smile.
The Crowan looked up at the pair and nodded, a sad smile on his face. "So what's the plan for today?"
"We need to head into Netherthong and let whoever is running everything here what is going on." Crow said, looking grateful that his brother was concentrating on something else. "We need to let them know what we've found out and can't just assume they know it. We should also check in with our various guilds to see what they know, see if we can bolster some kind of defense for the town in case the Kryganites, Seraklanites or undead do whatever it is they're trying to do and attack the camp. They need to be ready."
"Good plan." Gregory replied as he swallowed a mouthful of food. "I thought they were limiting access to the town though."
"I'm fairly sure our name should still have some sway brother." Crow replied quietly with a fairly pointed look.
A glance of understanding passed between the two, before Gregory nodded. "I guess it would."
Aylix had gone back to lying down again, shielding his eyes fromt he sun with his forearm. "Gregory, did you ever pass on Bill's message by the way?"
The priests eyes widened as he realised he had forgotten and looked guility at Addy. "No I haven;t." the Traldan looked inquisitively between him and Aylix.
"The Sons of Tralda need your help with getting supplies into the city. Apparently you're a friend of Brother Bill Minchin's? He said to remind you that you owe him a favour and five and three."
Addy sighed heavilly. "Damn him. And it was only four and eight. Did he give any specifics?"
Aylix groaned and pulled himself up, reaching into the pockets of the greatcoat he had been using as a blanket and pulling out a folded note, sealed with wax with an impression of seven dots on a six sided die and tossed it to Addy.
She took it warily and unsealed it, reading through the letter slowly, her expression becomming more and more melancholy. "Bastard." she muttered, shaking her head angrily and climbing to her feet. Without another word she stormed off to the stares of the rest of the group.
It took a few seconds for anyone to react before Aylix spoke. "Well, go after her then Crow, you fool." he jerked his thumb in the direction she had stormed and the Kharachian scrabbled to comply, following her through the crowds.

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