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Misery in Middale - reflections so far.

Tonight doesn't feel like a Misery in Middale night I'm afraid guys and gals - mainly because I'm away from my own digs and last night it took over an hour to get it done when I was at Leah's and that was with constantly referring back to past events of what I'd done for the last couple of weeks. I'm at a 26 day streak of 750 words now which... I'm freaking impressed by. At least 750 days for 26 days works out to an impressive number of words - 19750 infact - and it's more than that because I've been closer to 900-1000 words a day.
So... today will probably be a bit of a reflection of where it's gone so far.
The entire thing started with the one line - "Praise be to Krygan!" - it's a line that we have heard so often during the last couple of years with some Kryganite heavy plot. Everything with the Kryganites taking the city of Mercia during the communion (a big event at Summerfest three years ago now where followers of the Gods were chosen to talk to each other with the voice of the Gods to deal with problems that were occurring in Elysium. It was an interesting thing to come home to in character - where all the Mercia-local PC's get home to discover that their home has been overrun.) actually happened IC and it took over a year and a half before it was finally completed with some awesome plot and roleplay ran by refs in branch. It was the basis behind my current character - Lahsaa (yep, he's my current PC) - in that he joins the adventuring community to save his home, and has affected so much of the local plot.
But the whole backstory behind the invasion of Mercia was never really had much detail behind it - I knew vaguely out of character some of the stuff that the refs had planned for the basic gist of it so I thought I'd run with it and see what came out of it. The party composition came out of itself - a couple of fighters, a mage, a scout and a supplementary character (who is kinda a fighter anyway) - add some basic ideas of what they were like (Crowan's kind of write themselves, Kharachians... I kinda had an idea what I wanted him to do, mages are fairly simple, Dwarves I have a massive soft spot for and love how the work with Elves - so that kind of had to be done) - and the characters just kind of wrote themselves and went from there. I had the idea for Leanna's twist after the group split, but I'm not entirely happy with how I wrote it so that would be something I correct when it comes to editing, Crow and Gregory being brothers just seemed to work in my mind but it wasn't hinted at well enough early on I don't think and their nicknames for each other needs working better. Grundown is just one of my typical Dwarves - I have a massive love for dwarves in all fantasy settings, just because I love them as a people - how industrious and hard working and down to earth they are. Proud with a love of simple things. Eliana... not quite sure she's worked the way I wanted her to, and she may get a bit more of a working when I come to editing. I picture her as a Warhammer-esque Wood Elf but I'm not sure how well it's come across.
The story has just kind of written itself, I know I wanted to show how big the exodus from Mercia was, which I'm hoping I've gotten across so far, and to show all the other bits of what was happening, The Sons of Tralda existed as a group in game and were fairly instrumental for a lot of the players information coming in and out of Mercia, I just kind of expanded on them a bit and reworked them. The werewolves were also met and existed in the game world and part of the big plan for the siege of Mercia when it happened was to drive the Kryganites out of the city into the Werewolves in the woods to the north. Aylix is a future character that I keep writing more and more stuff for and I love the character so much. Addy came into her own and she is so going to shack up with Crow before the stories over I think, though I have a horrible feeling that she is going to end up dying somehow in some stupid self sacrificing way. But I'll see how the characters progress and how the story goes.

One thing I have to ask though do people only read this because I link to it or do people regularly check my blog? Is there any comments or suggestions anyone has about things I could be doing better or differently?

Anyway, that's the end of todays entry! Now to eat pizza and play Dark Heresy.

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