Friday, April 06, 2012

As the sun reaches its zenith...

Really not as keen with this update... it seems sluggish and takes a while to get anywhere... But - that's what cleaning up editing is for later on down the line. Everything is slowly getting there though, despite the fact I had to refer back to previous writings a LOT to make sure that continuatity kept up.

So... without further ado...


Crow shook his head. "We can't ask my brother to do that. We can't ask him to hunt down his own love so that we can kill her."
"We may not have a choice" Eliana sighed with a glance at the dwarf. "As much as I hate to admit it Grun's idea is sound and to be honest, pat of me wonders whether it is a good idea to not tell him anyway. It will hurt him but he'd be better off knowing that not knowing. Put yourself in his place - would you rather know if you had been betrayed or not?"
Crow opened his mouth to speak, promptly closing it again.
"I'm not sure I'd want to know..." Addy said quietly, biting her lip. "I mean... if you can have it look like she died in a good way... I'd more than she'd deserve being a Seraklanite and all but if it's to spare someones heartache it might be for the best."
"If we'd caught her b'fore we reached Netherthong, it woulda been easier te explain, but now that we're here and we have to go huntin' for her before she can cause any more damage we need to use any way that we can to find her."
"But, he's not here." Crow pointed out. "And we have no idea when he'll be back either. And she isn't the only problem we have in the area either - the undead are gathering to protect some Vampire lord that is going to be arising in two days. Whatever the mage is planning my teaching tells me that we should be concentrating on that."
Grundown growled, hawking up a glob of phlegm and spitting it in the dirt. "Filth."
"Crow..." Addy started, "Remember what the woman said after we dismissed the wraith yesterday? She mentioned it stopping someone before it was too late. What if it was talking about whatever Kryganites are doing in the woods?"
Grundown raised his eyebrows. "And whatever Leanna is plannin' with the Seraklanites could be part of that as well... she mentioned wantin' to stop the followers of the other Beardless Six gettin' too powerful."
""Whatever the two groups are planning would be some kind of massive religious ritual and involve a lot of holy power - which undead aren't going to be keen on." Crow continued as the train of thought started to pick up speed.
"You're thinking that whatever they do could destroy the undead in the crypt, where ever it is?" Eliana asked, eliciting a nod of agreement from the Kharachian.
"So if we can find where the crypt is, we may be able to find where this ritual site should be as well then?" Addy offered, with a smile.
"We have an idea where they came from - we can track where they went to from there." followed up Eliana.
Crow pushed himself to his feet again, looking around for where his kit had been stored. "What are we waitin' for then? It's still early in the day, let's go find some undead."


"To what end?" Aylix asked the werewolf, looking around again as if the revelation would have given him a greater insight of what to expect from the area.
"I know not, but they seem to be centered on Mercia as if the city is the focus of the entire thing."
"So the Kryganites could be working to one end to empower whatever they've started in Mercia, while the Seraklanites are subverting that." Gregory said thoughtfully, walking around the area slowly before reaching the body of the Seraklanite again. "Whatever it is cannot be good though."
"That goes without saying High Father Obvious." Aylix smirked to the chagrin of the Crowan. "How many more of these sites have you encountered? Or more, which direction are the ones that haven't been finished yet?"
"South, between here and Netherthong, the rituals seem to have been done from the north and then round to the east and west almost simultaneously. If we spent a while we could probably work out where the last ritual would take place fairly easily." the werewolf said, gesturing to the paths of the rituals as he spoke.
Gregory shared a glance with the militiaman. "We need to get our charges back to Netherthong before we start to investigate anything, no matter how important it is."
"We can move faster through the woods anyway." Aston smirked, "We will check the woods and - tonight - the stars. We can be in touch tomorrow to let you know."
Gregory nodded, stepping forward to offer his hand. Aston regarded it oddly for a second before taking it and shaking. "Thank you High Father Aston. Together we shall stop the threat of the followers of the Dark Six."
Aylix rolled his eyes, stepping forward and also shaking the Longstorian's hand. "Look forward to your word, wolf."
The three parted ways, Aylix and Gregory returning to the evacuees as Aston slowly changed form again. With a howl, the wolf took off into the undergrowth again, answering howls from the woods rushing to meet him.

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