Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Of friends and the limited streams of my mind...

So day four and I'm at a bit of a loss what to write about - I was going to do a introspective into my friends... or into myself but it seems that neither of those topics are likely to merit much or aren't going to be partiularly cheery topics either - introspectives never are. And what could I say about myself that most people don't already know. What could I tell that people who hadn't or didn't want to ask would be bothered about knowing about? I'm generally an open person and if someone wants to know something I'll normally quite happily tell it. My bids for comments such haven't worked on previous entries, so what's the chance they're going to work on this one?

What is there to tell? I'm Jason - spell Jace with a c, I love my name meaning (Jason Alexander - Defender and Healer of Man when they're put together,) on the wrong side of 250lbs according to Google calculator. I'm twenty six and thirty seems to be approaching with a frightening speed. I'm living in Gloucester working a pretty good job... and the people I count as my good friends are some of the most beautiful, kindest, most brilliant people I could ever hope to be graced with knowing.

And - because I can - I'm going to name drop... from my first best friend of Greg Meakin; to those who didn't make my life hell in high school; those who made college, and life, a lot of fun; to University where I was surrounded by some brilliant geeks; to those I met at the internet, especially Ruth Beresford, Becky Wetton, Leah Kurzepa, Jo Walton, Claire Zabaneh, Kizzi Keast and Philippa Gorringe (who have seen me through more ups and downs and shit than possibly anyone else;) every one I've met at Fools and Heroes - which has been the highlight of my life for the past five years. (Simon Foster, Ashley Burge, Charlie Green, Bill Swift, Sarah Sharpe, James Windringe, Steve Kimber, Chris Howarth, Nikki Arnold, Ross Hines, Gary Smith, Chris Terry, Rob Greening, Claire Allot, Emma Hall, Matt Cope, Louise Kitchen, Jenni Wildman and many, many more of you besides that I couldn't possibly hope to name you all...) and now those that I've met living in Gloucestershire and who have been awesome to me - especially this last nine (streuth) months. But you guys have made the last 26 years good... even when I've been the lowest of the low, or the highest of the high, some combination of you folk, named or unamed have been there for me, either picking me up, or lifting me higher. I love you all more than words or actions could possibly decently convey and I'd like to tahnk every single one of you for being there. I know I've done time and time again, but I probably will never stop doing it...

My friends are possibly the most important thing in my life, hands down... because I know there'll be there for me time and time again, like I try and be there for them time and time again.

Heh... and this has kind of - once again lost any point to it, I'm not sure how many days I'm going to get just a random stream of concicousness coming out to work for this - there's only so many streams in my mind, and there's only so much I can say without repeating the same things over and again and without the posts turning into a kind of desperation grovelling.

So I carry on - looking upwards and bourne aloft by the people I love... and each day maybe making a few new friends by chance conversations, glances and encounters. And there might be some day soon that they'll be added to the above lists as well.

I need to really look at doing something decent with this 750 words project, like I said, there isn't much conciousness I can unload on here day after day... Maybe those creative projects I always talk about unleashing upon the world would be a good idea? Or maybe I could give it up as a bad idea? Possibly reviews and thoughts on fiction I've read or on programs I've watched... a game played blog?

I like the idea I originally had of using three random songs to write a small bit of fiction - but that's kind of depending on them actually inspiring me in some way...

That's 750 - we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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Leah M K said...


I love you too, hun. You're brilliant and I'd be so lost without you. For every up/down I've helped you through you've helped me with five or six.