Monday, December 19, 2011

So, there's this large creative-blocking wall, right?

(Post I wrote on my iPod last night using the BlogPress app, which then crashed when I saved it and crashes every time I try to reload it.)

So, text blog this time as I don't have a mic while I'm hiding underneath my duvet, cause it's freezing in here...

So. Mission one of my plot is nearly complete and the pre-froth is out there in the Mercia boards for anyone who is interested. Still stuck for two encounters though, mainly because I'm stuck for storylines for several of the items I've got on the list... Hopefully my wonderful assistants will be able to make some suggestions tomorrow. =P

I'm quite happy how some of the sub plots are going to pan out in my mind at least and hopefully dab one is varied enough that the missions won't be boring. May need some help with that, though it depends on my monsters on the day for that.

Struggling a bit for what I can write as the blog is public and a lot of the potential players could read it (though whether they would...) and it's hard cause I'm really psyched for this... I just hope I can keep the momentum going... S'gonna need me to run at least once a month if possible to make sure that it doesn't take forever, and I need to get a phys rep for all of the items as well, some of which will be trickier than others. Really want to make sure I have physreps for everything the players are likely to find...

With regards to other projects, Aylix's backstory is on hold, which it really shouldn't be... With the rate that characters have been killed off in FnH recently I definitely need a backup. And maybe a couple more after that.

Other than that... I think I need a new writing project... Still toying with Xeonphotrix it's just getting it out that I'm struggling with...

Guess I need some kind of inspiration... Envy those friends who are struck with it seemingly frequently.

Gragh. Creative boost needed. Any tips?


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Undeadprincess said...

I know this sounds odd but watching random youtube music videos whilst thinking about whatever need inspiration for works sometimes.

Alfonso Muchacho said...


Sarah Jones said...

Music is how I get past my writing blocks, that and watching awesome tv shows or just anything with an amazing story. Go watch or read something new and it might inspired you :)

Good luck with the writing!