Friday, December 30, 2011

Don't bump your head...

So, as I've mentioned I'm writing some plot for LARP in which there are a number of items.

One of them is Snorri Underwarrens Mining Helmet and thanks to a wonderful donation of a helmet from a friend, I've been able to start on it.

Epic long picture dump is epic and long here btw...

First pic is the helmet unedited. Nice, plain, white and... a bit boring.

I didn't get a picture of the rough plan I drew on it - but the idea was a band of rivets around the bottom and over the "crest" of the helmet as it were. Next two pictures are with the 'rivets' (which are actually metal buttons with the bottoms clipped off) taped on to the helmet just to get an idea for positioning. Which I didn't completely stick to as the rivets were SLIGHTLY bigger than my drawn ones...
Also in the second picture is what is going to hold the stub of a melted candle which would have been the miners "light source." (Mainly because I couldn't find a plastic torch that would have been suitable.

Last three are of everything finished - pre-painting. It still needs sanding some more I think to make sure that the paint sticks properly - though I'm kinda neverous about the candle holder when it comes to that as it's essentially thick card and masking tape... I just hope it holds. I was also (as you can see from the back picture) toying with the idea of having a hanging piece of leather down the back of the helmet, but that would havebeen a massive pain in the arse I think - especially with the tools I had at hand. So... I don't think I'll bother. The leather I have isn't that great a quality anyway.

Hopefully will be spraying it black in the morning - I have some leftover GW primer (about half a can I think) which I HOPE is enough to cover it, though it will need resanding again - especially each of the rivets. Then I have some metallic grey paint though I am kinda stuck on how to make it look weathered and old... If anyone has any ideas - would love to hear.

So yes. That's the helmet half sorted!

There is also Beltha Underwarrens Precision(/Unstoppable) Chisel (still tossing up on the name.) It's a bit of a WIP shop, but yes - that is a REAL chisel (which was also kindly donated.

The current version has leather over the pointy bit to (hopefully) lessen any chance of damage to fools.

As I've posted the full list of items IC - I can post it here too - as well as mark the items I have DEFINATE phys reps for...
(The ones in bold and italics I have phys reps for...)

Mages – Staff of Abramelin
Cooks – Ladle of Haffi Everstirrer ((Damnit I knew I should have bought the one I saw in TK Maxx...))
Merchants – Scales of Edward the Unbalanced
Brewers – The Honey Coated Vessel ((I have a couple of spare tankards... now to pick on.))
Alchemists – The Stone of Alchemical Perfection ((This one I'm struggling with most - I know what I want, it's just finishing it.))
Physicians – Pares’ Rod ((Need a stout walking stick for this one.))
Tallowmakers – The Ever Burning Candle ((Candle - and done.))
Blacksmiths – Forgehammer of Ungrum Forgetender ((Not sure... an actual forgehammer might be a bit too far.))
Scouts – Drakes’ Map to Everywhere ((Pretty much done - gotta work out the details of the item first.))
Miners – Snorri Underwarrens Mining Helmet ((As above!))
Masons – Beltha Underwarrens Precision Chisel ((As above))
Mercenaries – Michaels Folly ((Part of it has been acquired.))
Farriers – The Shoes of Thundar ((Will be being donated by a lovely lady from work. :) ))
Law – Gavel of Tomas the Just ((Got an idea of what to use... it's just finding one.))
Cobblers – The Last of Dickie Heelworker ((... yea. Anyone got an old shoemakers last they want to donate?))
Farmers – Giles Call ((Ditto a dogwhistle?))
Tanners – Pelt of the Nightstalker ((... Gonna need a large fur for this one. So far - searching has been fruitless unless anyone has a LARGE piece of black fur they don't want any more?))

... Think that's everything for this post.

Comments welcome. :)

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