Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dwarf Fortress - Part 2 - World background.

So – a new game demands a new world – essentially the area that this masterpiece shall be woven and the beginning of any new Dwarf Fortress fortress is the creation of the entire world!

And so it shall be done.

For the sight of this new Dwarven Empire I used the following:

Which should give me a world roughly half a millennia old, but with only a few different civilisations in it. A low number of sites – which hopefully means all the good ones aren’t taken – lots of beasts just to add a bit of interest to it, medium natural savagery (which means the beasts will probably will have had some FUN) to the world and minerals EVERYWHERE, making it easier to get metals and the like.

This gives me the below world. Look at it in all its glory! The mountains! The deserts! The frozen north!

Let’s find somewhere to settle in this world – Lina Ewe, the Land of Enchantment.

But first – let’s take a look into the Legends mode.  This is where the details of the history of the world are kept, including every historical figure ever (and – if applicable – the date of their death.

Which gives details like:

Each of the people named in the history for Feb here is also locatable, for example looking up Zulban who killed off the Collossus:

Brings back her past – including her demise at the hand of the Roc Osmosp Matchwasps in 158.

And so on and so forth. If nothing else, it’s a wonderful source of inspiration and history for fantasy worlds.

Anywho! On with finding somewhere to strike the earth!

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