Saturday, May 19, 2012

Misery in Middale - The night before the day after...

Not brilliant, but it's been over two weeks since I last wrote Misery, so needed to get back into the characters again. I meant to include Leanna/Lahsaa at the end, but I couldn't think of a scene that didn't hook the two up and that just doesn't happen...

Enjoy. Sorry for how long it's been away.


"What do you think he meant by great loss?" Addy said quietly as Crow handed her a beaker of mulled mead. The Kharachian shrugged his shoulders as he sat close to her, his gaze downcast.
"I don't know... Longstorians who live wild like that are said to be able to read things from the stars and other such things - as if Tralda has written the path of everyones fate in hidden places on Arda and only those who know where to look and how to read them can discern what they may. They're probably reading it wrong."
Addy glanced at Crow hopefully. "You think so?"
Crow said nothing, but nodded as he sipped his mead.
"What about you, Aylix? Think they've read it wrong?" Gregory asked the captain quietly on the other side of fireplace.
Aylix took a long slug on the bottle of whiskey he had been nursing, wincing hard as the liquid burned down his throat. "There's not much more I can lose." he muttered, staring into the flames.
"Load of shite if you ask me." Grundown grunted. "On'y one who knows what's gonna 'appen is the Great Bearded Goddess of Fate and Fortune. Why would She write it in the stars for some mutts to read?"
The group fell silent again, with only the crackles and pops of the fire the only noise around them.
Addy stood suddenly, blinking away tears. "Goodnight." she said turning away fromt he group and heading for her tent.
The group watched her go, slightly stunned by the sudden departure of the Traldan. Aylix however, was staring hard at Crow.
"What?" the Kharachian asked, annoyed after a few seconds.
"You're such an idiot. Go after her Crow. This may be your last night together on Arda. She's gonna want to spend it with you. Trust me." the Captain said slowly, as if having to explain something very simple to a child.
The Kharachian frowned at the mercenary, looking at his brother as if for support. Gregory merely nodded, his eyes flicking in the direction that Addy had disappeared in.
Aylix watched him go, mild dispair on his face. "Gods help your families bloodline if you're both that clueless." he shot at Gregory before standing himself, shakily. "Looks like I'm curling up with this bottle and my hammer tonight. See you in the morning."
Grundown snorted and shook his head. "Bloody humans... always thinking with their groins. Gonna turn in myself, one of us needs to carry the rest of you tomorrow at least." the dwarf left to find his own bed.
Gregory breathed a laugh, pulling a whetstone from his pouch and starting to run it over his sword.
"It'll be alright Gregory. We know what we're doing is right and we'll all follow you to the end. I know you feel some responsibility for all of this, but it's not your fault. Keep your faith in Crowa and your belief in your friends. We'll make it through." Eliana said softly, noting the concern etched on the High Fathers face. Gregory's gaze flicked up to the elf as she sat, watching him and he shrugged, nonplussed, looking back to his sword. "I know. I'm not worried." he said, the lie obvious even to him.
"I know you'd never admit it, but that's part of courage, is it not? Admitting when you are scared but not succumbing to that fear." Eliana's voice had moved and when Gregory looked up he found her kneeling in front of him. "Use the concern to temper your resolve. I know you fear what you must do tomorrow." the elf said sadly.
"Eliana I..." he started, his voice cracking as tears pricked the corners of his eyes.
"I know." the Elf said, kissing him softly on the lips. "I know." she stood suddenly and started towards the trees. "Get some rest High Father. Tomorrow brings war."
Gregory watched the Elf leave, tears flowly silently down his face as he turned back to his work.
"Addy? Are you okay?" the question sounded stupid even as it reached his lips, as the Kharachian pulled back the flap of the tent she was in. The Traldan answered by grabbing the front of his robes and pulling him inside, kissing him forcefully.
"Crow..." she said breathlessly seconds later as the kiss broke, "Whatever you do, don't talk, don't try and apologise, don't try and promise anything. This is all the reassurance I want right now..."
Crow kissed her back in reply as they fell amongst the blankets laid out in the tent...

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