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The battle for Middale.

It's not Misery in Middale I'm afraid, there's a swing of things that has to be re-established - but I needed to get writing again. Inpsired by Space Wolfs FnH Fic short she posted on her blog - I decided to do my own short with existing characters rather than originals. And I hope I've managed to stay faithful to each of the characters mentioned.

Yes, slight self indulgent wankery but it was fun to write.


The nine bodies stood in a circle looked solemly at each other as in the distance battlecries and roars of challenge grew ever closer.
"Foulspawn filth!" Ragnar spat, clearly a head over all the others except his brother Hati. Each of the nine held their weapons easily and if there was any fear in their eyes it was well masked. "We will make them curse the day that they attacked us! They've killed friends, they've killed people we wouldn't piss on if they were burning - but now they're here wanting a fight. Others have gone crying back to their mothers titties in fear, but we don't run! Because we're not scared of some fucking green skinned beasts! We are the Einherjar! We are the Black Hand of Kharach! I've had harder shits in the morning than the things that come for us now. Lahsaa can punch harder than them." across the circle from the Jarl, Lahsaa - the mage of the Einherjar just smiled sardonically in reply. "Let's show these bastards what a fight really is! FOR THE EINHERJAR!" the group roared an echoing reply. "FOR KHARACH!" the second cry was even louder as the voices of surrounding adventurers leant their voices. "Get in position." Ragnar shouted, stepping in front of the lines, his voicing pitching up even louder as he shouted to all the assembled men and women under his command.
"His speaches are certainly colourful." a familiar voice, lilted with the dialect of the northlands came from behind Lahsaa, distracting him from the Llamninusians around him and he turned to see Rowan stood behind him, the familiar mask over her lower face, a strip of blue woad over the bridge of her nose and eyes.
Lahsaa half smiled, with a glance back at his Jarl. "He's nervous. When he's really confident his speaches are normally grander and more questioning as to the parentage of our enemies."
"I don't think there are many here that aren't." she countered, glancing up at the still assmbling hordes in the distance. A drum beat had started, pounding loudly over the battlefield and setting Lahsaa's back teeth on edge.
He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with gloved fingers. "I bloody hate drums. They don't do much at all other than irritate the enemy and make them want to put a sword through the drummers face rather than demoralise them." he looked hastily at the foresters tabard on his friends chest, adding hastily with a grin. "Not that I'd be likely to use a sword to take them down."
"Aye, that's right you won't." he couldn't see her mouth, but he could tell she was smiling underneath the scarf. That's what most people around them seemed to be doing - it was either laugh or cry at this point.
"The crows, they circle in anticipation..." Skade's voice was suddenly at Lahsaa's side, and he glanced first at the Llaminusia 'witch' and then followed her gaze up into the air where a murder of crows gathered above, seemingly waiting for the battle to start. When Lahsaa's looked back to the Llaminusia, trepidation in his eyes he noticed that Arya and Saja had joined them.
"Orc won't do them much good for food, they're tough and stringy." Arya laughed, with a wince - the excess drinking from last night still affecting her. "And that's all they're get to eat."
"Not true... There'll be goblin, ogre and troll as well." Saja smiled, hugging Arya's shoulders.
"Lahsaa... surrounded by ladies yet again?" another voice added to the crowd as Alfie, a fellow master in the mages guild pushed through the crowds. Lahsaa grinned in response and took the mans hand.
"All ready for this?"
"Tralda, I don't think I'll ever be ready for this. I don't think I've prayed so hard as in the last few hours." Alfie replied, glancing over as the foulspawn horde swelled across the field as he absently pulled out a stick of rolled tobacco from a slim silver case that he tucked back inside his robes.
The corner of Lahsaa's mouth flicked upwards slightly. "All stocked for spells I meant?" a look of understanding passed between them and a nod of understanding passed between them.
"Praise be to Sidhe!" a shout went up from far to Lahsaa's right and he glanced over to see a group of Templar Knights, headed by Sir Marcus Northclaw joined the line on one flank next to the Black Knights - led by Sir Anthony Drakenfist. The mage couldn't see the Greys or the Griffons from where he was, but he knew that they were somewhere on the left flank.
"I don't think I've ever fought in such a massive army before." Rowan mused, drawing his sword for her off hand and pulling out the Huntsmasters axe fromn the loop on her belt. Lahsaa couldn't help but pick out the magical aura that sorrounded it, and his eyes were subsequently drawn to other magical glows on the field around them. Arya's shield, Ragnar's armour, Skade's dagger, Alfiie's staff and the pair of rings that he himself wore.
"Me either and I still think we're outnumbered by at least three to one." Lahsaa replied.
"Pah! Three to one! Most Llamninusians could take those odds as babes!" Fith joned the group as they talked, He too had joined with the rest of the Einherjar in putting on the black handprint on their face as well as the being covered in blue woad. "This is just a warm up for most northmen. I don't know why you southmen worry so much."
The group - almost collectively - rolled their eyes at Fith as horns sounded long and loud across their own lines.
"Ithronians! Llaminusians! Men and women of Lirron and Sortho!" Ragnar's voice boomed across the battlefield, as he raised his sword, around which magic swirled powerfully. "It's time! Gather together! Let us show them what we're made of!"
A roar went up from the defenders as the foulspawn started forward, breaking quickly into a run as the shield wall of the army under Ragnar's command locked in tight.
"Lahsaa, I'm off with the scouts." Rowan said, touching the mages arm as a small group broke away into the trees to the east to meet the goblin skirmishers that had similarly broken away.
"Stay safe." he urged, following it up with a mutter of words of power.
"I'll be fine." she nodded in reply as the magical aura quickly faded around her. "I have Crowa with me." with that, she was lost to the crowds.
Lahsaa smiled, touching Ragnar's arm. "You got your little magic trick ready Lahsaa now you've finished flirting with the Huntsmaster?" the Llaminusian asked with a grin. Lahsaa shook his head and pushed forward, standing in front of the line and raising both hands to cup in front of him and closing his eyes, muttering rapidly. The foulspwn horde roared louder and grew ever closer.
"Do it now Lahsaa! Unless you plan on taking them on from the front line!" Hati barked, standing just behind his brother with a spear in hand.
The mages eyes opened suddenly, ablaze with magical energy as the rings shone brightly, ripping his fingertips through the air to each side. Magic exploded amongst the foulspawn rangs as bodies flew everywhere. Lahsaa staggered backwards, absorbed by the lines as the battle for Middale against the orcish horde errupted in front of him.
"Praise be to Kharach! Hail to the Seven!" the defenders battlecry boomed around him.

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