Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On the precipice...

The won't get into combat damnit! That's going to have to come tomorrow.

In we go!


It had taken an hour or so to get ready, but Gregory, Aylix and the other escapees stood at an exit to the sewers on the outskirts of town where it met the river Mercia while flowed through the city.
"Get to the trees as quick as you can, then follow the road south. Netherthong is a few hours away." Bill said to them. "You know who you need to go to, right?"
Gregory nodded in reply. "Yea, Addy Taylor, right?"
The Traldan nodded, a small smile playing on his lips. "That's her. Remind her she still owes me five and three as well." he smirked, trying to make light of the situation as they heard more screams from the city above.
Bill gripped Greg's hand as the Crowan offered it. "Tralda watch you. All of you."
"And you, Brother - you're doing a very brave thing here."
Bill's lips twitched nervously. "Nah, S'what anyone should do... Now all of you, get out of here before we're caught."
The group left the cover of the sewers, dashing for the tree line some five hundred meters away, despite the obvious fear in all of their minds, they weren't spotted and reached the trees safely - they had escaped.
"Now, to Netherthong." Gregory said, as everyone followed him wordlessly. None of them, bar the Crowan and Aylix glancing back at the city.


"Lahsaa, wait!" Leanna called desperately as they hit the bottom of the hill. The merchants son seemed determined to just run headlong into the attack on the camp and there was no way she wanted to get involved in whatever it was.
He stopped, with difficulty, breathing heavily. "What?"
"What's the plan? We have no weapons and whatever it is, there's no saying we can even help." she argued, catching up to him and holding onto his arm. 'Six I'm not used to this running...' she thought to herself.
Lahsaa's reply was less than succinct and more a whimper of helplessness as he looked between the source of the screams and Leanna.
"We can at least look, Leanna. There might be people hurt and we can get them out of harms way at least." He reasoned, looking around and grabbing a stout staff of wood that had been abandoned nearby. "And look, one weapon."
More screams and Leanna felt a wave of revulsion pass over her as the Necromantic energy from all the undead washed over her. Whatever was over there was powerful.
She growled in frustration. "Fine... but just to look!" she insisted as Lahsaa took off again. She had no idea what was going on over there, but every instinct in her body screamed at her to run the other way.


Grundown and Eliana reached the edge of the suddenly very empty part of the camp.
"Undead? Here?" Eliana's voice pitched up several octaves as they viewed the carnage. The militia were holding their ground as best they could and still more streamed in, but it didn't look like they wouldd be able to take the undead on their own.
Grundown raised his weapons. "Finally, a decent scrap!" he growled. "Bet I kill more of the bastards than you do." the dwarf took off at a run towards the line, howling a battle cry in Dwarvish.
"They're already dead, naugrim." Eliana shot back as she easily caught him, raising her own weapons. Within seconds they were in the melee, swatting crushing the bones of skeletons and bludgeoning zombies into pulp.


"Death Knight! Face me!" Crow's challenge was impressive but his shout was lost above the combat as the militia joined battle with the undead. Nevertheless it heard him, and made it's beeline for the Kharachian, swatting aside militia men and its own minions alike.
"You challenge me, Kharachian?" it's voice was a deathly hiss, but still audible. Crow had the feeling he could have been on the other side of a steel wall and still have heard it.
"You're damn right I do, abomination." Crow lifted his mace to point at this Death Knight, his limbs still aching from the kicking he had received the previous day.
"Crow... are you sure you can..?" Addy whispered, panicked at his side. She held her holy symbol in one hand, her other having found a short mace that she gripped like a lifeline.
He glanced over his shoulder at her. "Not sure anyone else here can." he murmured.
"Tralda, please I beg you, watch us both." Addy moaned pressing her holy symbol to her lips.
"Come on then Kharachian, you will make a good slave to Lord Collins when he arises." the Death Knight challenged, drawing a sword that glowed with a black balefire.
Raising his mace, Crow threw himself forward at the Black Knight, roaring Kharach's name.

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