Saturday, March 24, 2012

For the greater good...

Bit more difficult this one - mainly because I'm tired after an awesome day of larping. Characters are refusing to go to bed though, and I can see Leanna and Crow starting to get annoyed if they're kept out of the limelight for too long. The next post might be entirely Greg-centric.



Bill led Gregory, Aylix and Robin through a couple of rooms, before stopping in front of one door. "Last chance to change your mind about coming in..." the Tralda said, glancing between the trio, his eyes lingering on Robin.
"Open 'er up." Aylix shrugged.
The door opened smoothly, into a smaller and much darker room. Where as the other rooms were lit with dozens of candles, this one had just three or four dotted around their flickering casting into stark relief the cuts that had been opened up on the mans arms and face. He was dressed simply in a shirt and breeches, he was barefoot and he was dripping wet as if he had had a bucket of water thrown over him more than once. His sandy coloured, shoulder length hair hung limply around his face that was drooped forward. Bill stepped forward, and yanked the man's head back to reveal a blackened and swollen eye a thick and cut lip and numerous bruises around his cheeks.
Around his neck, a sword pendant hung on a long string and it was this that caused Greg to surge forward to the mans side. "What have you done to this man?" he demanded, glaring up at Bill.
"Remember High Father, the followers of the Great Deceiver can wear the holy symbols of His brothers and sisters. Just because he wears the symbol of your faith, doesn't mean he is a Crowan." Bill replied, impassively.

Aylix stepped forward to get a decent look at the man, narrowing his eyes as he looked over the traitor and a sigh of frustration escaped his lips. "Damn... seriously?"
Robin stepped forward hesitantly, her dark vision still not great, but on seeing the man she gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.
Gregory looked back at the pair, then Bill then the man in the chair, a puzzled look on his face. "What's wrong?"
Aylix nodded at the Seraklanite in the chair. "How do you not know who he is? That's Commander Glynn Daniels. He is the Councilman in charge of the cities defence."
Gregory's jaw dropped with disbelief. "You have got to be joking?"
Aylix nodded her head grimly, as Robin let out a sob and fell to her knees. Looking alarmed, the three man were at her side instantly to check to see if she was okay.
"He... he's my dad." she wept.


Grundown sighed, throwing down his pack by a fire that only had people around half of it and dumping himself next to it. Eliana - with a bit of a struggle, followed suit.
"It's nae good... how are we supposed to find two manlings in this massive crowd of them?" the dwarf hissed, rooting through his pack to drag out some dried meat.
"Especially when we don't even know if they made it here yet..." Eliana added.
"Aye, very useful.." Grundown sat up as straight as he could, scanning what little of the crowds he could see before lying down in the grass and staring up at the sky.

"What do you think is happening up there?" he asked after several minutes as several shooting stars streaked across the black expanse above.
"You'd hope the Gods have stopped warring by now and that the Communion is happening and they can come to some kind of arrangement that doesn't tear the planes apart." the elf replied with a sidelong look at Grundown.
Several minutes ticked by, the crackle of fires and the soft buzz of chatter around them filling their silence.
"How come you didn't head to it? I heard a lot of people, devout or no, were heading to the site, if only to find out what happened there." the Elf queried.
"No one to watch my business... and besides not everyone could go, something bad might have happened while everyone else was focused there." Grundown replied, ironically. His eyes flicked around the camp again. "I wonder how many people here will put themselves forward to fight and defend their homes. And how many will bemoan the fact that the adventurers aren't doing enough, or the Earl isn't doing enough or it's not being done quick enough. Ever like a manling to moan about something."
Eliana smirked. "Yes... exactly like a human. If this was a Dwarven hold though... would you fight?"
Grundown snorted. "What kind of stupid question is that? Of course I would. Everyone would. To the dwarf - all except the children, old and infirm and even some of them you'd have difficulty in stopping them picking up weapons. "We wouldn't put up with some one marching on our home and taking it with ease."
"You do lose holds though - just as we lose our woods." Eliana argued.
"Aye, but we don't give up the holds easily. They're only abandoned when the losses are too great and all hope is lost - and even then we still try and reclaim. The problem is we're both part of dyin' races aren't we? Less of us are birthed where as humans breed like rabbits. But less dwarves, means less fighters to join the ranks, less to take up arms and fight for our homes."
Eliana nodded, sadly. "What will you do here? Do you count this as home?"
"Aye. And I'll fight - till the bitter end. I won't be walking away from this fight, by the ancestors, I'll fight. Every stinking one of them in that city are grudged, and the grudges much be repaid."
Eliana smiled, staring up at the stars. "I think we should settle one grudge before we settle another. Once we've caught Leanna, we should head for your Hold and present them with the medallion.
Grundown smiled, "Right you are lass. Let's see what tomorrow brings first."

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