Saturday, March 03, 2012

750 Words - 03/03/12

So I signed up for 750 words this morning... and I may start pasting here what comes out (unless it gets a bit personal or whatever...) So hopefully - expect it as a regular feature.

So today is the first day that I'm using this 750 words site to write - just to try and unlock my potential at writing, or some such bollocks. But I need it - my writing has flagged and waned much like any other creativity that I seem to have had... could those fools who say that computer games and TV wreck imagination be right? Has the computer, video games and the cack that is on TV have wrecked any kind of creative drive? I definately felt more inspired and more like writing while reading the Charles Stross novels - so maybe there is a bit of truth to this... Reading begets writing begets more reading - and I've no idea if I've just used the word begets right, but who cares?
So maybe I should just read more - shouldn't be too hard, right? But this machine, this electric guzzling, marvel of technology that I'm sat at at the moment, music playing, distractions calling like siren song, is insidious. It knows how to keep my attention... It knows my weaknesses and my foibles and that my attention span isn't really worth a damn any more. And it plays on that - plays on that little niggling feeling you get in the back of your mind that says - "there's something here for you, stick around and see what it is..." That's the main reason it keeps me here - because it knows that I'm scared of missing something. A conversation that might not otherwise take place... a funny image that I might miss - some kind of exclusive and world shattering news that I'll know hours before anyone else - I wouldn't tell anyone else, but I can be safe in the knowledge that I KNOW it before anyone else...
Which is sad - why should I need to know this first? Why should I be that desperate for this news first? Especiallty if I don't do anything with it? Maybe that's something I should start? Get out there and tell the world just what it is that I know - what it is I learn. It won't always be interesting or novel. Won't always be new or exciting - but it will give me a connection point with the rest of the world - this vast, unimmaginably profound and complex and beautiful world.
Though despite what beauty it holds, despite all the good that goes on in it - do I really want to make a connection to that? To the horror and depravity that goes on each and every day? People kill each other over the little things, a funny look in the street, material goods that they covet, which bit of land is whose, whose religion is the right one and whose teachings of thousands of years ago should govern our lives now. And this is the thing I don't understand about the world - people. What the hell is wrong with people? The world sometimes seems like one massive big brother experiment where we've all been shoved on this tiny, insignificant planet of the amusement of something bigger and better and smarter just to see how the personalities of several billion people clash and collide and what we do to each other when we're allowed to make governments - when people who think they know better than others are allowed to rule, when nameless, faceless organisations are allowed to control most of the worlds wealth and resources. It's forever a pyramid of downward flowing shit - with those on top cascading their waste and their bile and their excrement down onto the lowest levels. Those that own the money - own the power, and despite movements such as occupy, despite those that rise up and fight against it, despite those that oppose all of this - nothing ever seems to change, because people won't change. We have tiny attention spans because of mass media marketing and the rate at which information and news moves now. We hear within minutes of disasters across the other side of the world, we hear within minutes atrocities commited by those that we are supposed to trust to keep us safe and who are supposed to keep our lives within some kind of normalcy - who are supposed to make things slightly easier for everyone to live... but it only seems to be disasters we see and hear about/. Where is the instant images and news of the good things? Those that risk life and limb every second of every day to do good in the world? And I'm not just talking those fighting for our 'freedom' out in war torn regions of the world (though if they did get more recognition it would be nice) I'm talking about those that do amazing things every day - the man that pulls a kid out from the path of a speeding car for example... the story about the woman who stayed with her horse on the mud took forever to get round... but it's news like that that is relgetaed - as if they don't want us to have a boost as if they don't want us to feel good... as if we're just supposed to carry on looking at the world and dispairing.

Wow... so that's over 880 words near enough - so that will do for that. More tomorrow hopefully - if I can get on between larp...

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